Environmental View

Having from 70 – 75% of your required Heating & Cooling energy being supplied from earth friendly renewable sources.

But, lets not go 10 steps backwards in our efforts to clean up our environment. Using clean heat exchange fluids is as important as not burning the oil or gas. Putting toxic antifreezes into our earth to help remove this “free heat” is more than 10 steps backwards.

Many manufacturers and supply houses have not learned over the past 30 years that in environmental issues the end does not justify the means. Using METHANOL, or any other substance toxic to human and animal life is not the right answer.

We have this strange phenomena in the Northeast known as EARTHQUAKES. When the earth shakes and “50 year guaranteed not to leak” loops held rigid in the ground shear and dump their toxic METHANOL, or other unfriendly fluids into our earth, we can all suffer.

Three of the predominant lines on the MSDS sheet for METHANOL are:

  1. “May be fatal if swallowed “
  2. “May cause blindness if swallowed”
  3. “Cannot be made non poisonous “

Smart-Energy uses only well water as it’s heat exchange fluid, which is no environmental issue !

Here are some hyper-links to web sites in the Northeast to prove that this EARTHQUAKE phenomena is not only no passing fad, but seems to be happening more frequently with Global Warming:

Link 1 | Link 2

Even though they be small steps forward in cleaning up our environment lets not make any of them backward. We don’t have the luxury of the time anymore !

“Every family of four who opts not to burn oil will be saving our planet the drilling, transportation, and burning of over 1000 barrels of oil in their average 80 year lifetime. Think about that !”


Since the 1950’s more and more Americans have tried to reduce our dependance on foreign fuel sources. Geothermal, Solar, Wind, and Hydro-Electric are an easy way to stop our dependance on foreign oil and OPEC.

Clean energy for the USA … from the USA!