Smart-Energy Certified Geothermal Installers Serving New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts


The term Smart-Energy comes from the philosophy of always using the most cost effective long term approach to meeting your energy needs, while maintaining the lowest environmental impact. Making geothermal energy affordable to the Adirondacks and Green Mountains.

We have over 35 years of experience in this field, and provide system design, installation and service. Not only are we focused on a cleaner, safer environment outdoors, but also with providing the highest indoor air quality attainable. Our systems provide superior air filtration, as well as humidification, and/or dehumidification if required.

Please enjoy this site, as there is over 40 years worth of data and history for you to browse. We do have a lot more personal “Up to Date / Current Information”.

We have a lot more personal information to send you via e-mail. Some of our customers have requested their phone numbers be given out to any who visit the site.

We do want them to be able to pass on their different perspectives, many over 20 years, others over 30.

This is because we will not risk our past customers personal information on our combined web site.

It is our goal to show that over the past 40+ Years in NY, VT, MA, and CT Open Loop / VSWC Geothermal Technology has shown itself to be “The right Thing to Do” for our entire Northeast !

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