Domestic Hot Water & Photo Voltaics

Since the artificial energy crunch of the 1970’s and even to today many people dreamed of energy independence. Not ever having to pay an electric utility bill again does have a nice ring to it. If that’s your goal the solution is here today !

With today’s Photo-Voltaic Solar Energy you can convert sunlight directly into electricity.

This electricity can either be used now, or stored for use later, when the sun goes down overnight.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Live wherever you want, no longer limited to where electric utility lines are currently run, or paying exorbitant rates to have electricity brought to you.
  2. Produce your own free electricity and sell back any excess you dont need to the electric utility.
  3. Gain independence from brown-outs, blackouts, and the rising cost of unregulated electric rates.
  4. Operate remote stations far from electric utility lines for long periods of time without having to truck in huge quantities of fuel for fuel fired generators.
  5. Control your own destiny. Invest in your future…………not their fuel company! !!

Smart-Energy is working in partnership with SunWize to bring you today’s sun generated electricity and a better future for all of us.

Design and Installation Expertise

Below is a copy of the Certificate of Achievment given by the Florida Solar Energy Center, for completion of the 32-hour training program entitled: “Installing Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems”: