Climate Change

Anyone who doesn’t believe in Climate Change either is too young to have seen it any other way, or doesn’t pay any attention to our weather.

Just over 100 years ago my Grandfather Ernest D. Rist, who lived in Newcomb, New York was a Licensed Hunting and Fishing Guide.

After a few seasons of bringing out-of-towners in to fish the ponds and streams of the Adirondack Mountains he started to notice some important changes. The number of fish caught  started, then continued to take a dive.

Ernest noticed that over time the number of fish drastically reduced, and it wasn’t from “over-fishing” the ponds, lakes, and streams.

After researching it for some time it seemed to be brought in by changes in our Weather.

Then, our prevailing wind was most always from the Northeast, blowing toward the Southwest.

His long term study seemed to follow the path that brought  our incoming air on the winds from Northern Ohio where they were, are still are, known to burn a lot of Coal to produce electrical  energy for that region. They had little or no Hydro-Electric potential from the rush of water over dams in that area.

This is where the first Source of Acid Rain came from to the Adirondacks.

Other parts of North America, Canada included, have been negatively effected by this air pollution ever since then.

On a World-Wide Basis this has been happening longer then 100 years in North America, and the Whole World, also due to the burning of Fossil Fuels, producing Hydro-Carbons and Carbon Dioxide in excess, into our atmosphere, and thus the Jet Stream.

Coal, Fossil Fuels, and other Man-Made air pollutants have upset the balance between our Natural Trade-Wind Air Currents, and the return of these as Ocean Currents.

At one time Weather Forecasters were able to accurately predict what Weather was next to hit each and every area of our planet.

Not so any more today !!

It is not their fault. With situations like “El Nino’s” there is no one who could be accurate in “Intelligent Guessing” as to what will happen next.
We, the inhabitants of this Earth need to help them, all of the Humans that are trying to survive on this Planet while breathing this polluted air!

Today, one in about 10 people have respiratory problems. When I was a Kid some 60 years ago one in 100 to 200 had any of this trouble at all.
Please, lets all do what we can to help our  Kids and their Kids have a Better and Longer Healthy Life than We have had.

Stop Burning Coal & Fossil Fuels and Use those Regional Renewable Energies that are available to us, on a Regional Basis !