Geothermal Featured Project – Residential

This home was the winner of Vermont Energy Star’s “Best of the Best 2002”!

One young couple in Waterbury Center had just completed construction of their new home this Fall when they received a call from Efficiency Vermont that they were to receive an Energy Star efficiency award. The Brewer’s, being an very environmentally concerned couple had contacted Jeffrey Gephart of Efficiency Vermont when they were in the planning stages for their new home.

Jeff had helped them follow the guidelines to make their new home the most energy efficient possible, following the Energy Star guidelines.

Geothermal Unit

After researching local builders thoroughly they chose Paul Arnot of the Arnot Development Group as their General Contractor.As she had grown up in a home with geothermal heating and central air conditioning they wanted to consider this option, if economically possible.

They contacted Harold Rist II of Smart-Energy to look at the economics of a geothermal energy system for their project. Harold showed them that though the initial investment of a geothermal system was more than an oil or gas system, it had a substantially lower operating cost, and much less environmental impact.

This lower operating cost would quickly offset the difference in the initial investment and provide continued future energy cost savings.

As an added benefit, since this was a forced air system the Brewers could filter their air to remove contaminants such as pollen, dust, and animal dander, as well as having central air conditioning throughout. The construction crew did appreciate the central conditioning during the relatively warm Summer of 2001.The “fuel tank” for the Brewers geothermal system is their drilled water well. The same one they utilize for their drinking, shower, and laundry water.

Once your well is drilled your fuel tank is in place. No oil or gas deliveries, and no required wood burning to stay warm in the winter. In fact, the Brewers don’t have a fireplace, wood stove, or chimney flue anywhere in their new home.

Fuel Tank (Well)

Harold Rist II of Smart-Energy and Jeffrey Gephart of Efficiency Vermont

The entire geothermal heating and cooling system produces no smoke, soot, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, or thermal pollution of any kind, winter or summer.Harold Rist II at Smart-Energy has designed and installed over 500 such systems since 1975. According to Harold “The smart uses of energy are everyone’s responsibility. We only have one earth. Lets get it right the first time !”
UPDATE – Some 2 1/2 years after being built the Brewer’s total energy costs have been $ 150 / month. That is excellent for the harsh weather conditions of Northern Vermont!