Not only are Geothermal energy systems ecological to operate, producing no thermal or atmospheric pollution, but they are also very economical too.

Geothermal gives it’s owner ” The most bang for your buck ” in that it addresses the majority of most homes and businesses major energy cost, heating and cooling .

Most homes and businesses spend 60 – 70% of their energy dollars to heat and cool. With today’s state-of-the art geothermal energy system they can get from 72 – 75% of that energy from the earth. This with clean, renewable energy.

This is no “flash-in-the-pan” idea. It is proven technology.

Economics –

We have installed over 770 such systems since 1975. Here are but a few examples of long term results:


Not only did we get the award for the “Best of the Best in 2002” for the lowest energy cost home per square foot in Vermont (see Featured Project, Residential) but this has been ongoing for decades.

The next example is a home that was built from a plan taken from a 1986 copy of Better Homes and Gardens

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This couple built their dream home in the North Country of Lake George, New York. Now, 15 years later, the house boasts a total energy cost of $131 monthly or just $1,572 a year!

More Residential Examples…

This 12,000 sq.ft. custom home in New York’s Capital District has been geothermal heated and cooled since it’s construction some 12 years ago. Heating & Cooling costs average less than $480 / month. The permanent fuel tank for this home is the 300 ft. well that also feeds it’s central sprinkler system.

This 16,000 sq.ft. custom home, built 5 years ago in Saddle River, NJ, boasts 8 zones of radiant heated floors, 7 zones of central air conditioning, and a single geothermal well source. Total utilities average under $500 / month.

This 2100 sq.ft Solar Home in Hartford, NY boasts $90 / month total utility costs. It has had solar hot water, solar heat, geothermal heating and cooling, since it was built over 20 years ago.


The SMITH-FLATS Building, which was featured on our Geothermal Featured Projects (Commercial) page has quite an energy savings story.

In the 1980’s the local utility, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., studied some 40 plus “energy efficient” buildings. They took two years of data on heating and cooling costs and published the results to a binder. We have a copy of that binder for your review.

The results of those studies were astounding. The lowest heating and cooling costs were in the Adirondack Dental Implant Center in Queensbury, NY.

Total heating and cooling costs were 39¢/squarefoot/year. The next closest runner-up was over twice that cost. Most of the others were over $1.00/squarefoot.

Of the over 40 buildings and homes studied, Smith-Flats was the only geothermal heated and cooled building and boasted the oldest, most drafty windows, and the poorest insulation of all.

This made it very obvious the reason for the substantially lower energy costs was its fuel source, the drilled water well next to the parking lot.

Today, Smith-Flats has been geothermally heated and cooled for over 19 years.

A well, not unlike tens of thousands of other residential and commercial water wells in the Northeast. Many of those wells are only supplying drinking, sprinkling, shower, wash and cooking water.

Most could also be used as a clean, renewable, economic continuous source of heating and cooling.

If there is no existing water well, drilling one for a geothermal system’s “permanent fuel tank” could easily be the best long term investment you’ve made, after your home or building.

Fossil fuel systems historically cost from 20-50% more to operate than geothermal, and the prices of oil and gas are at the whim of foreign sources.

70% of a geothermal system’s energy comes from the earth. The remaining 30% is conversion cost. This conversion process uses electricity, whose costs are locally controlled by each state’s public service board or commission.

Another Commercial Example …

Regan & Denny Funeral HomeThis Queensbury, NY Funeral Home has been geothermal heated and cooled over 11 years. It’s heating and cooling costs average $440 / month for the 10,000 sq.ft. building. The permanent fuel tank for this building is a 360 ft. well between the parking lot and rear of the building.