Looking for Smart Energy Partners

We are in the process of disseminating the over 35+ years of knowledge and experience in over 750 installations of geothermal systems in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Actively trying to recruit people in their own businesses in these areas.

These new recruits need to have more “on the ball” than the average. They need …

  1. An active EPA certificate to buy, use, and install refrigerants.
  2. A working knowledge of the refrigerant cycle and hands-on A/C maintenance experience.
  3. Duct installation experience and design.
  4. A working knowledge of well water flow, and distribution from drilled water wells.
  5. A working knowledge of electricity, electronics, and it’s distribution and use.
  6. ETHICS, INTEGRITY, and HONESTY – We are well aware that more money can be made installing closed loops in our Northeast. Then, inevitably filling them with METHANOL and walking away. Letting the customer pay the price during some future EARTHQUAKE that releases the poison to their, and their neighbor’s water table, stream, lake, etc. This is why we want only ETHICAL people doing these installations.

Many of these things can be field learned over time ( except the EPA certificate ) by partnering with Smart-Energy as others have done in the past.

When new in the geothermal field, for the first few years, we expect many questions and queries, as the new applications the partner may not be familiar with.

We will be happy to supply the 3+ decades of experience, and even site visits with partners, though we would need to be paid for work & training on partner’s projects, as we are not independently wealthy.

To be able to fund the above we will continue to do installations in those areas mentioned, paying partners to work with us on those, and learning the “hands- on” part during then experience.

We would promote you by showing your photograph and a description of your company and territory on our web site at www.smart-nrg.com . under the heading of Smart-Energy Partners.

This would reduce your initial costs by not having to create a new web site until you have more experience in the geothermal energy field. Then we would highly recommend you having your own site also.

The whole purpose is to develop a network of qualified / ETHICAL geothermal HVAC contractors who can count on Smart-Energy to hot only help them market their own company and skills, but be able to draw off each other to insure all future geothermal installations in our Northeast are done ETHICALLY and PERMANENTLY !

Harold E. Rist II

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